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Diversity and Distribution of articulated Coralline algae (Rhodophyta, Corallinales) of the Atlantic coast of Mexico
This paper provides the first critical revision of the articulated coralline algae Amphiroa and Jania along the Atlantic coast of Mexico and Mexican Caribbean, based on morphological and anatomical
Systematic survey of Lithothamnion, Melobesia and Mesophyllum species (Hapalidiaceae, Corallinales, Rhodophyta) recorded along the Atlantic coast of Mexico
Qualitative characters associated with tetrasporangials / bisporangial conceptacle roof morphology and anatomy have provided a reliable basis for delimiting the Atlantic Mexican species of Hapalidiaceae.
Neogoniolithon (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) on the Atlantic coast of Mexico, including N. siankanensis sp. nov.
This is the first revision of Neogoniolithon species on the east coast of Mexico based on both DNA sequences ( psb A) and morpho-anatomical characters. Nine species names are provisionally applied
Background color effect on the pigmentation of prawn Macrobrachium tenellum
The results show that the prawns modify their pigmentation according to the different background colors of experimental aquariums.
Floral morphology and anatomy of Schinopsis balansae (Anacardiaceae).
The results shows that the flowers described as functionally perfect are structurally pistillate; although have five staminoids, they are smaller and lack sporogenous tissue, and it is right to describe S. balansae as dioecious species.