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Generalized Benders decomposition
J. F. Benders devised a clever approach for exploiting the structure of mathematical programming problems withcomplicating variables (variables which, when temporarily fixed, render the remainingExpand
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Proper efficiency and the theory of vector maximization
Abstract : The concept of efficiency in problems with multiple criterion functions--sometimes under an alias such as 'admissibility' or 'Pareto optimality'--has long played an important role inExpand
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Multicommodity Distribution System Design by Benders Decomposition
A commonly occurring problem in distribution system design is the optimal location of intermediate distribution facilities between plants and customers. A multi-commodity capacitated single-periodExpand
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An Introduction to Structured Modeling
Structured Modeling aims to provide a formal mathematical framework and computer-based environment for conceiving, representing, and manipulating a wide variety of models. Expand
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Lagrangian Relaxation for Integer Programming
It is a pleasure to write this commentary because it offers an opportunity to express my gratitude to several people who helped me in ways that turned out to be essential to the birth of [8]. Expand
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Lagrangean Relaxation and Its Uses in Integer Programming
Abstract : Taking a subset of the constraints of a general mixed integer linear program up into the objective function in a Lagrangean fashion (with fixed multipliers) yields what the author calls aExpand
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Integer Programming by Implicit Enumeration and Balas’ Method
Abstract : This memorandum presents a reformulation of the essentials of Balas' algorithm for the zero-one integer linear programming problem, and is based upon the idea of 'elementary tree search'Expand
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Duality in Nonlinear Programming: A Simplified Applications-Oriented Development
The number of computational or theoretical applications of nonlinear duality theory is small compared to the number of theoretical papers on this subject over the last decade. This study attempts t...
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Solving Bicriterion Mathematical Programs
It often happens in applications of mathematical programming that there are two incommensurate objective functions to be extremized, rather than just one. Expand
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An Interactive Approach for Multi-Criterion Optimization, with an Application to the Operation of an Academic Department
An interactive mathematical programming approach to multi-criterion optimization is developed, and then illustrated by an application to the aggregated operating problem of an academic department. Expand
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