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The Downside of Defaults
The use of default options to influence retirement saving behavior is often portrayed as a Pareto improvement because it guides behavior without constraining individual choice. When defaults areExpand
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Bacterial Skin Infections in the Elderly
Skin and soft tissue infections are quite common in elderly people. A number of special conditions and circumstances need to be considered in the diagnosis and therapy. It is important to try toExpand
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Complement activation by cellulosic dialysis membranes.
AIMS--To assess the effect of cellulosic dialysis membranes on the production of complement degradation products to determine to the role of the classical pathway. METHOD--Complement activation wasExpand
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Anaphylactoid reaction to vecuronium followed by systemic reaction to skin testing
An unusual case is presented of a systemic anaphylactoid reaction to tubocurarine and subsequently to vecuronium. Intradermal testing with vecuronium following the latter response was negative atExpand
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Plato's Use of Eleusinian Mystery Motifs
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