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Role of Thoracomyoplasty Procedures in Modern Surgery for Intrathoracic Suppurations
Both thoracoplasty and muscle transposition are rarely performed procedures in modern thoracic surgery (Deslauriers et al., 2002). Their importance comes from the fact that these procedures areExpand
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Complex space-filling procedures for intrathoracic infections - personal experience with 76 consecutive cases.
OBJECTIVE The objective of our article is to analyse the results of complex space-filling procedures for chronic intrathoracic suppurations. METHODS We performed a retrospective analysis of 76Expand
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Intrathoracic transposition of the serratus anterior muscle flap--personal experience with 65 consecutive patients.
OBJECTIVE The objective of our article is to analyse the results of intrathoracic transposition of the serratus anterior (SA) muscle flap for suppurative diseases. METHOD We performed aExpand
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Thoracomyoplasty in the Treatment of Empyema: Current Indications, Basic Principles, and Results
Empyema remains a challenge for modern medicine. Cases not amenable to lung decortication are particularly difficult to treat, requiring prolonged hospitalizations and mutilating procedures. ThisExpand
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Thoracodorsal versus reversed mobilisation of the latissimus dorsi muscle for intrathoracic transposition.
OBJECTIVE The objective of our study is to perform a comparative analysis of the mobilisation of latissimus dorsi (LD) muscle flap using the primary versus secondary blood supply. METHOD Between 1Expand
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Extraperitoneal mobilization of the omentum--analysis of a personal series of 12 patients.
OBJECTIVE The aim of the paper is to evaluate the results achieved after mobilization of the omentum outside the peritoneal cavity. MATERIAL AND METHOD Between 01.01.2006-01.01.2012, the mainExpand
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Muscle Flaps and Thoracomyoplasty as a Re-redo Procedure for Postoperative Empyema.
BACKGROUND  The role of muscle flaps and thoracomyoplasty in the treatment of postoperative empyema is controversial. The major difficulty is given by the sectioning of the muscular masses during theExpand
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Giant Right Intrathoracic Myxoid Fusocellular Lipoma
Intrathoracic lipomas are rare benign tumors; their behavior is not completely clear and their surgical removal may be challenging. We report a case of a giant right intrathoracic myxoid fusocellularExpand
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Laparoscopic Mobilization of an Omental Flap for a Chronic Scarpa Triangle Suppuration after Vascular Graft Infection.
We report a case of laparoscopic mobilization of an omental flap (left epiploic vessels) which was used to solve a Scarpa triangle chronic suppuration after a vascular prosthesis infection (coverageExpand
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