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The Assessment of Psychological Strain in Work Contexts: Concerning the Structural Equivalency of Ni
Irritation as defined in this paper is the subjectively perceived emotional and cognitive strain in occupational contexts. The structural equivalence of the Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Italian,Expand
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Pollen hosts of western palaearctic bees of the genus Colletes (Hymenoptera: Colletidae) : the Asteraceae paradox
To assess the pollen hosts of 60 western palaearctic bee species of the genus Colletes (Colletidae), we microscopically analysed 1336 pollen loads of collected females. Twenty-six species (43.3%)Expand
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Specialized bees fail to develop on non-host pollen: do plants chemically protect their pollen?
Bees require large amounts of pollen for their own reproduction. While several morphological flower traits are known to have evolved to protect plants against excessive pollen harvesting by bees,Expand
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Incidence of pyrethroid-resistant oilseed rape pests in Germany.
BACKGROUND Failures in pollen beetle control using pyrethroids since 2005 indicated pyrethroid resistance in Germany. Therefore, resistance monitoring using bioassays was established in Germany forExpand
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Closely related pollen generalist bees differ in their ability to develop on the same pollen diet: evidence for physiological adaptations to digest pollen
Summary 1. Given the enormous quantitative pollen requirements of bees and their high efficiency in pollen removal, flowers should balance the need to attract bees for pollination on the one hand andExpand
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Long foraging distances impose high costs on offspring production in solitary bees.
1. Solitary bees are central place foragers returning to their nests several times a day with pollen and nectar to provision their brood cells. They are especially susceptible to landscape changesExpand
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Irritation - ein Instrument zur Erfassung psychischer Beanspruchung im Arbeitskontext. Skalen- und Itemparameter aus 15 Studien
Zusammenfassung. Irritation beschreibt subjektiv wahrgenommene emotionale und kognitive Beanspruchungen im Kontext der Erwerbsarbeit. Anhand von 15 Studien (N = 4 030) werden Skalen- undExpand
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Phylogeny and biogeography of bees of the tribe Osmiini (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae).
The Osmiini (Megachilidae) constitute a taxonomically and biologically diverse tribe of bees. To resolve their generic and suprageneric relationships, we inferred a phylogeny based on three nuclearExpand
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Evidence for pollinator sharing in Mediterranean nectar-mimic orchids: absence of premating barriers?
Pollinator specificity has traditionally been considered the main reproductive isolation mechanism in orchids. Among Mediterranean orchids, however, many species attract and deceive pollinators byExpand
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Patterns of Host-Plant Choice in Bees of the Genus Chelostoma: The Constraint Hypothesis of Host-Range Evolution in Bees
Abstract To trace the evolution of host-plant choice in bees of the genus Chelostoma (Megachilidae), we assessed the host plants of 35 Palearctic, North American and Indomalayan species byExpand
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