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Polyoxometalates : from platonic solids to anti-retroviral activity
Polyoxometalates: A Class of Compounds with Remarkable Topology.- A: Formation and Structure.- Equilibria of Polyoxometalates in Aqueous Solution.- Synthesis and Structural Chemistry of NovelExpand
The Chemistry of Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Preface.Nanomaterials: An Introduction.Strategies for the Scalable Synthesis of Quantum Dots and Related Nanodimensional Materials.Moving Nanoparticles Around: Phase-Transfer Processes inExpand
Polyoxometalate chemistry : from topology via self-assembly to applications
Introduction to Polyoxometalate Chemistry: From Topology via Self-Assembly to Applications M.T. Pope, A. Muller. Synthetic Strategies. 1. Rational Approaches to Polyoxometalate Synthesis R.J.Expand
Polyoxometalate Chemistry: An Old Field with New Dimensions in Several Disciplines
Inorganic metal–oxygen cluster anions form a class of compounds that is unique in its topological and electronic versatility and is important in several disciplines. Names such as Berzelius, Werner,Expand
Nanomaterials chemistry : recent developments and new directions
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Recent Developments in the Synthesis, Properties and Assemblies of Nanocrystals. (P.J. Thomas and P. O'Brien) 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Spherical Nanocrystals. 1.2.1Expand
The formation of Cu2S from the elements: I. Copper used in form of powders
Abstract The synthesis of Cu 2 S from copper foils embedded in sulfur has been studied by DTA from 25 to 600°C with a heating rate of 10 K/min. The educts and products were characterized byExpand
Polyoxometalates: Very Large Clusters-Nanoscale Magnets.
Toward nanodevices: Synthesis and characterization of the nanoporous surfactant-encapsulated keplerate (DODA)(40)(NH4)(2)[(H2O)(n)subset of Mo132O372(CH3COO)(30)(H2O)(72)].
We describe the spontaneous self-assembly and the superstructure of a discrete surfactant-encapsulated cluster, (DODA)40(NH4)2[(H2O)n⊂Mo132O372(CH3COO)30(H2O)72] (2, n ≈ 50), which consists of a ho...
Frequency-domain magnetic resonance spectroscopy of molecular magnetic materials
A brief review is presented of a novel method of high-frequency magnetic resonance spectroscopy, which sweeps the frequency at a fixed magnetic field, including zero field. We describe the mainExpand
A New Type of Metalloprotein: The Mo Storage Protein from Azotobacter vinelandii Contains a Polynuclear Molybdenum–Oxide Cluster
Azotobacter vinelandii is a diazotrophic bacterium characterized by the outstanding capability of storing Mo in a special storage protein, which guarantees Mo‐dependent nitrogen fixation even underExpand