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Hospitalization and death associated with potentially inappropriate medication prescriptions among elderly nursing home residents.
The association of PIRx with subsequent adverse outcomes (hospitalization and death) provides new evidence of the importance of improving prescribing practices in the nursing home setting. Expand
Comparison of Prescribing Criteria to Evaluate the Appropriateness of Drug Treatment in Individuals Aged 65 and Older: A Systematic Review
Different criteria exist for optimizing prescribing for individuals aged 65 and older and the circumstances of their use (explicit/implicit), origins, development processes, and content are defined. Expand
Direct marketing of pharmaceuticals to consumers.
  • A. Lyles
  • Business, Medicine
  • Annual review of public health
  • 2002
DTCA's blend of promotion and information has produced more prescription drug awareness than knowledge--it has been largely ineffective in educating patients with medical conditions about the medications for those conditions. Expand
Use and costs of ambulatory care services among Medicare enrollees with schizophrenia.
The use of Medicare-funded ambulatory care services by persons with schizophrenia varied by race and age and costs of care were lower for African Americans and for older people. Expand
Services to families of adults with schizophrenia: from treatment recommendations to dissemination.
A gap exists between best practices and standard practices for families of persons with schizophrenia, and three of the five agencies where staff participated in intensive training enhanced their family services. Expand
Impact of managed care on prescription drug use.
There is little empirical evidence on the impact of HMOs on the use of prescription drugs, but the results of the RAND Health Insurance Experiment show that the degree of health insurance coverage can dramatically affect drug use. Expand
Surgical unit time utilization review: Resource utilization and management implications
The computerized operating room scheduling and monitoring system is described in this article and an operational measure of scheduling accuracy is proposed and suggested for incorporating into planning and allocation decisions. Expand
Potentially inappropriate medication prescriptions among elderly nursing home residents: their scope and associated resident and facility characteristics.
The scope of potentially inappropriate medication prescriptions (PIRx) among elderly residents in U.S. nursing homes (NHs) is estimated, and effective policies are needed to avoid PIRx occurrences and improve the quality of prescribing among elderlyResidents in NHs. Expand
Does the Hospital Board Need a Doctor?: The Influence of Physician Board Participation on Hospital Financial Performance
The findings strongly suggest that medical staff board participation can enhance operational performance and implications of physician‐hospital relations for future hospital strategies as well as health care reform issues are discussed. Expand
Obesity, Business and Public Policy
The effects of obesity have become practically ubiquitous in the US. This book aims to provide an alternative framework through which to explore the important and controversial obesity debate thatExpand