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Investigation of interaction of promethazine with cyclodextrins.
  • A. Lutka
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Acta poloniae pharmaceutica
  • 2002
The effect of beta-CD and its substituted derivatives (DM-beta-CD and HP-beta-CD) on the solubility and photostability of promethazine was investigated in solution and in the solid state. The solubleExpand
Effect of cyclodextrin complexation on aqueous solubility and photostability of phenothiazine.
  • A. Lutka
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Die Pharmazie
  • 1 February 2000
The effect of cyclodextrin (beta-CD, gamma-CD and substituted beta-CD derivatives) complexation on the solubility and photostability of phenothiazine (Ph) was compared. The phase solubility methodExpand
Interaction of trimeprazine with cyclodextrins in aqueous solution.
The synergistic effect of pH and complexation with cyclodextrins on some properties of phenothiazine derivative--trimeprazine (TM) was investigated. Inclusion complexes of TM with beta-cyclodextrinExpand
The effect of pH on cyclodextrin complexation of trifluoperazine.
The characteristics of host-guest complexation between cyclodextrins (beta-CD, DM-beta-CD, HP-beta-CD) and protonated (pH 1.9, 6.2) or basic (pH 10.2) forms of trifluoperazine (TF) were investigatedExpand
Comparison of the effect of the R2 phenothiazine ring substituent on fluphenazine and perphenazine interactions with cyclodextrins.
The effect of -CF3 R2 fluphenazine (FLF) and -Cl R2 perphenazine (PF) substituents on interactions of these phenothiazine derivatives with cyclodextrins (CD) was compared. Inclusion complexes ofExpand
Voltammetric determination of zinc in compound pharmaceutical preparations--validation of method.
The conditions of voltammetric determination of zinc in compound pharmaceutical preparations were established and validated. The three investigated preparations (Organic zinc (A), Calcium, zinc,Expand
[Drug interactions during storage of mixtures of the antacid group. III. Effect of relative humidity on structural changes in mixtures aluminum hydroxide gel and magnesium hydroxide in the solid
Mixtures of A1(OH)3 gel and Mg(OH)2 were stored for 14 months in the solid phase in chambers with relative air humidity of 35%, 55%, 76% and 92%. IR spectra of the stored mixtures were measured. InExpand
Voltammetric determination of copper in selected pharmaceutical preparations--validation of the method.
It were established and validated the conditions of voltammetric determination of copper in pharmaceutical preparations. The three selected preparations: Zincuprim (A), Wapń, cynk, miedź z wit. CExpand
Effect of pH and temperature on the interaction of methotrimeprazine with cyclodextrins.
  • Anna Lutka
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Acta poloniae pharmaceutica
  • 2001
[Drug interactions during storage of mixtures of the antacid group. II. Effect of temperature on the formation of hydrotalcite in neutralizing suspensions].
Eight antacid mixtures were stored for 110 days at 25 degrees C, 35 degrees C and 45 degrees C in the form of suspensions in water. Changes in pH were followed, and the structural changes inExpand