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Periodic thrombocytopenia or tidal platelet dysgenesis in a man.
The authors describe the haematologic findings in a man aged 61, who for two years has been under observation with a syndrome of thrombocytopenia, regularly alternating with thrombocytosis of a veryExpand
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Clinical and Radiologic Evaluation Reveals High Prevalence of Abnormalities in Young Adults with Dysphagia
Abstract. The purpose of this study was to retrospectively evaluate the radiologic findings in young adults with dysphagia undergoing barium swallow and to compare these with the final clinicalExpand
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Psoriasis-liver-methotrexate interactions.
An international cooperative study was organized to evaluate whether the treatment of severe psoriasis with methotrexate significantly affects the liver of these patients. From a study population ofExpand
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Liver biopsy with a needle of 0.7 MM outer diameter. Safety and quantitative yield.
. The study presents investigation potentialities and risks of a liver biopsy method with a very fine needle (0.7 mm outer diameter). In 2 611 biopsies a serious complication was seen in one case, anExpand
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Fine-needle aspiration biopsy for cytodiagnosis of malignant tumour in the liver.
. The accuracy of fine-needle aspiration biopsy and cytodiagnosis in the detection of intrahepatic malignant tumours is evaluated. In a material of 1 748 biopsies, performed on varying and very wideExpand
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SUMMARY. Liver biopsy was performed in 3 patients who had previously received methotrexate treatment and in 32 patients considered for this treatment. One of the methotrexate treated patients had aExpand
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Persistence of Australia (Au-) antigen among patients in a hospital for mentally retarded and its relation to chronic liver disease.
AbstractAt a special hospital for severe oligophrenia all patients, 442 men and 155 women, and all members of the personnel, 688 persons, were examined for Au-antigen and antibodies againstExpand
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Methods for the determination in the nanomole range of lipids in liver fine-needle aspiration biopsies.
Triglycerides and phospholipids 0.5-2mg (wet weight) of human liver material obtained by the fine-needle aspiration biopsy technique can be estimated after chloroform:methanol extraction by theExpand
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Lipid composition of human liver biopsy specimens.
. Fine needle biopsy specimens from patients with diseases accompanied by fatty liver have been analysed for triglycerides, phospholipids, free and esterified cholesterol. In selected cases the fattyExpand
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