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A rapidly activating delayed rectifier K+ current regulates pacemaker activity in adult mouse sinoatrial node cells.
We have investigated the physiological role of the "rapidly activating" delayed rectifier K+ current (IKr) in pacemaker activity in isolated sinoatrial node (SAN) myocytes and the expression of mouseExpand
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Elevated plasma levels of soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor (sTNFRp60) reflect severity of acute pancreatitis
Objective: To investigate the role of activated leukocytes in acute pancreatitis, we measured soluble receptors of tumour necrosis factor alpha (sTNFR, p60 subtype) in plasma and evaluated theExpand
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Mild Hypothermia Attenuates Circulatory and Pulmonary Dysfunction During Experimental Endotoxemia*
Objective:We tested whether mild hypothermia impacts on circulatory and respiratory dysfunction during experimental endotoxemia. Design:Randomized controlled prospective experimental study.Expand
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Intensive care management of acute pancreatitis: recognition of patients at high risk of developing severe or fatal complications.
The clinical spectrum of acute pancreatitis ranges from mild, self-limiting disease of fulminant illness that may rapidly lead to multiple organ failure and death. To identify factors associated withExpand
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Continuous monitoring of gastric carbon dioxide with optical fibres
Abstract An optical fibre sensor for the continuous monitoring of gastric carbon dioxide is described, based on the utilisation of a sensing layer, in which the colour of the layer is dependent onExpand
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Q.E.D. Alcohol Test: a simple and quick method to detect ethanol in saliva of patients in emergency departments
Objective: The aim of this pilot study was to assess whether ethanol concentrations in saliva are comparable to those in blood and to evaluate whether this new non-invasive saliva alcohol test isExpand
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Biopsychosocial Health Care Needs at the Emergency Room: Challenge of Complexity
Background In an emergency room of internal medicine, triage and treatment of patients deserve first priority. However, biopsychosocial case complexity may also affect patient health outcome but hasExpand
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Bilateral vertebral artery dissection and infratentorial stroke complicated by stress-induced cardiomyopathy
A previously healthy 28-year-old Caucasian woman experienced a syncope and was referred to our emergency department. On admission, the patient was neurologically normal and alert. ElectrocardiogramExpand
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Osteomyelitis of the Spine and Abscess Formation in the Left Thigh after Stent-Graft Implantation in the Superficial Femoral Artery
Purpose: To present a rare case of abscess formation around a covered stent in the superficial femoral artery. Methods and Results: Two weeks after balloon dilation of a left superficial femoralExpand
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Influence of a novel amino acid solution (enriched with the dipeptide glycyl-tyrosine) on plasma amino acid concentration of patients with acute renal failure.
In this randomized, double-blind controlled study we compared the effect of parenteralnutrition with two different amino acid solutions on the plasma concentration of amino acids in 27 patients withExpand
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