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The Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition: From Plato to Denys
1. Plato 2. Philo 3. Plotinus 4. Origen 5. Nicene Orthodoxy 6. The Monastic Contributions 7. Augustine 8. Denys the Areopagite 9. Patristic Mysticism and St John of the Cross 10. The Mystical Life
Discerning the mystery
Early Christian writings : the Apostolic Fathers
The writings in this volume cast a glimmer of light upon the emerging traditions and organization of the infant church, during an otherwise little-known period of its development. A selection of
Maximus the Confessor
St Maximus the Confessor, the greatest of Byzantine theologians, lived through the most catastrophic period the Byzantine Empire was to experience before the Crusades. This book introduces the reader
Denys the Areopagite
Andrew Louth examines all the traditions on which Denys' work draws: the Fourth Century Greek theologians, pagan philosophy and Syrian Christian thought. The corpus of Denys the Areopagite appeared
The Ecclesiology of Saint Maximos the Confessor
Abstract Maximos wrote no work expressly on the Church, the nearest being his work, the Mystagogia, on the Divine Liturgy. This article explores the notion of the Church presented in the Mystagogia,
Virtue Ethics: St Maximos the Confessor and Aquinas Compared
Traditionally Christian ethical reflection has taken the form of what is called nowadays ‘virtue ethics’. This article compares the approach to virtue ethics in the Byzantine thinker, Maximos the