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A review of unsupervised feature learning and deep learning for time-series modeling
This paper overviews the particular challenges present in time-series data and provides a review of the works that have either applied time- series data to unsupervised feature learning algorithms or alternatively have contributed to modifications of featurelearning algorithms to take into account the challenges present. Expand
A Review of Mobile Robotic Telepresence
An overview of the various systems, application areas, and challenges found in the literature concerning mobile robotic telepresence is provided and a set terminology for the field is proposed as there is currently a lack of standard terms for the different concepts related to MRP systems. Expand
Classification and Segmentation of Satellite Orthoimagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks
This paper shows how a convolutional neural network can be applied to multispectral orthoimagery and a digital surface model of a small city for a full, fast and accurate per-pixel classification. Expand
Data Mining for Wearable Sensors in Health Monitoring Systems: A Review of Recent Trends and Challenges
A recent review of the latest methods and algorithms used to analyze data from wearable sensors used for physiological monitoring of vital signs in healthcare services and a number of key challenges have been outlined for data mining methods in health monitoring systems. Expand
Sleep Stage Classification Using Unsupervised Feature Learning
The use of an unsupervised feature learning architecture called deep belief nets (DBNs) is proposed and how to apply it to sleep data in order to eliminate the use of handmade features is shown. Expand
GiraffPlus: Combining social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living
A general overview of the GiraffPlus system is provided, which consists of a network of home sensors that can be automatically configured to collect data for a range of monitoring services; a semi-autonomous telepresence robot; a sophisticated context recognition system that can give high-level and long term interpretations of the collected data and respond to certain events. Expand
Airborne Chemical Sensing with Mobile Robots
A review of research work in this field, including gas distribution mapping, trail guidance, and the different subtasks of gas source localisation, focusing largely on experimental work and not considering publications that are purely based on simulations. Expand
Electronic noses for food quality : a review
This paper provides a review of the most recent works in electronic noses used in the food industry. Focus is placed on the applications within food quality monitoring that is, meat, milk, fish, tea,Expand
Challenges and Issues in Multisensor Fusion Approach for Fall Detection: Review Paper
The aim of this paper is to review in detail the subfield of fall detection techniques that explicitly considers the use of multisensor fusion based methods to assess and determine falls and highlights key differences between the single sensor-based approach and a multifusion one. Expand
An Ontology-based Context-aware System for Smart Homes: E-care@home
This paper presents a framework called E-care@home, consisting of an IoT infrastructure, which provides information with an unambiguous, shared meaning across IoT devices, end-users, relatives, health and care professionals and organizations. Expand