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"Reader, perhaps you were never in Belgium?": Negotiating British Identity in Charlotte Brontëë's The Professor and Villette
Critical investigations of the foreign settings of Charlotte Brontee9s The Professor (1857) and Villette (1853) have tended to conceive Belgium (fictionalized as Labassecour in Villette ) as simply
Genre and Gender in Don DeLillo's Players and Running Dog
����� ��� Critics have often regarded DeLillo’s fifth and sixth novels, Players (1977) and Running Dog (1978), collectively. Both Tom LeClair and Bill Mullen write about the novels together, while
Through-thickness stress in curved laminates of single- and double-skinned construction
Abstract This paper is concerned with the calculation of through-thickness stresses in components in the form of curved shells and then describes the determination of the through-thickness strengths
‘The eatables were of the slightest description’: Consumption and Consumerism in Cranford
Examining consumption and consumerism in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford (1851–53), Longmuir shows that Cranford is not an exclusively nostalgic text, but is cognizant of the major economic shifts
Consuming Subjects: Women and the Market in Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South
Criticism on Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South (1854-5) has tended to assume that the novel principally concerns production rather than consumption. The most influential analyses of the novel, for