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Ecological Geography of the Sea
Preface. Introduction: The Inadequacy of Classical Biogeography in Ecological Analysis. The New Availability of Timely, Global Oceanographic Data. The Use of CZCS Images in This Study. The Choice ofExpand
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An estimate of global primary production in the ocean from satellite radiometer data
An estimate of global net primary production in the ocean has been computed from the monthly mean near-surface chlorophyll fields for 1979-1986 obtained by the Nimbus 7 CZCS radiometer. Our modelExpand
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Seasonal cycles of pelagic production and consumption
Abstract Comprehensive seasonal cycles of production and consumption in the pelagial require the ocean to be partitioned. This can be done rationally at two levels: into four primary ecologicalExpand
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Ecology of tropical oceans
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A review of the Notostraca
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Regionally and seasonally differentiated primary production in the North Atlantic
A bio-geochemical classification of the N. Atlantic Basin is presented according to which the basin is first divided into four primary algal domains: Polar, West-Wind, Trades and Coastal. These areExpand
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The chapter describes the ecological geography of the sea and explains the species distribution in oceans and seas, formation of characteristic ecosystems, and the areas within which eachExpand
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Seasonal cooling and blooming in tropical oceans
Abstract The relative importance of tropical pelagic algal blooms in not yet fully appreciated and the way they are induced not well understood. The tropical Atlantic supports pelagic blooms togetherExpand
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The biological pump: profiles of plankton production and consumption in the upper ocean
Abstract The ‘biological pump’ mediates flux of carbon to the interior of the ocean by interctions between the components of the vertically-structured pelagic ecosystem of the photic zone.Expand
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Role of the marine biosphere in the global carbon cycle
The geochemical disequilibrium of our planet is due mainly to carbon sequestration by marine organisms over geological time. Changes in atmospheric CO, during interglacial-glacial transitions requireExpand
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