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Early domesticated cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) from Central Ghana
From examining the remains of charred cowpeas from rock shelters in Central Ghana, the authors throw light on the subsistence strategies of the Kintampo people of the second millennium BCE. PerhapsExpand
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A history of food without history: food, trade, and environment in west-central Ghana in the second millennium AD
African foodways are often portrayed as unchanging traditions plagued by chronic food insecurity and forever subject to the vagaries of environmental change. These assumptions are based mostly on theExpand
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Phytoliths as a tool for investigations of agricultural origins and dispersals around the world
Agricultural origins and dispersals are subjects of fundamental importance to archaeology as well as many other scholarly disciplines. These investigations are world-wide in scope and requireExpand
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This study reports on the analysis of macrobotanical remains recovered at three of the B-sites rock shelters in central Ghana (B4C, B5C, B6B), which were excavated under the auspices of the KintampoExpand
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Oil palm, arboriculture, and changing subsistence practices during Kintampo times (3600–3200 BP, Ghana)
Oil palm is an integral part of modern subsistence economies in West Africa, and archaeological evidence suggests that it also played an important role in antiquity. Steep increases in oil palmExpand
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Evaluation of direct wet mount parasitological examination of preserved fecal specimens.
A retrospective study covering a 12-year period was performed to determine the contribution of the direct wet mount microscopic examination to the identification of intestinal parasites in preservedExpand
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Gendered Taskscapes: Food, Farming, and Craft Production in Banda, Ghana in the Eighteenth to Twenty-first Centuries
This article blends insights from gender, technology, and development studies with Ingold’s concept of taskscape to examine the interrelated nature of farming, food, and craft manufacture practicesExpand
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Comparing Craft and Culinary Practice in Africa: Themes and Perspectives
The collection of papers presented in this special issue of the African ArchaeologicalReview emerged out of a session entitled “Making Meals, Producing Pots: ComparingCraft and Culinary Practice inExpand
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