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Flow Cytometric Analysis of Molt-Related Changes in Hemocyte Type in Male and Female Penaeus japonicus.
Hemocyte cell suspensions obtained from male and female Penaeus japonicus were individually analyzed by flow cytometry through forward and side light-scatter parameters, and significant cyclic differences were detected among the molting stages in both sexes.
The digestive cells of the hepatopancreas in Aplysia depilans (Mollusca, Opisthobranchia): ultrastructural and cytochemical study.
Cells almost entirely occupied by a very large vacuole containing a residual dense mass seem to be digestive cells in advanced stages of maturation, and the observation of semithin and ultrathin sections indicates that these veryLarge vacuoles are the result of a fusion among the smaller lysosomes.
The hepatocytes of the brown trout (Salmo trutta fario): A stereological study of some cytoplasmic components with the breeding cycle
An unbiased stereological evaluation of the hepatocytic cytoplasm of fish hepatocytes revealed a new process by which females increase the amount of RER and Golgi throughout vitellogenesis, breaking from the idea on how this event happens in fish.
Ultrastructural and cytochemical aspects of the basophilic cells in the hepatopancreas ofAplysia depilans(Mollusca, Opisthobranchia).
The basophilic cells of A. depilans have a pyramidal shape and a large nucleus usually located near the center or in the basal half of the cell, and the presence of a dark nucleus in the cells with a large number of vacuoles suggests that they are in a final stage of their life.