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Jamming at zero temperature and zero applied stress: the epitome of disorder.
We have studied how two- and three-dimensional systems made up of particles interacting with finite range, repulsive potentials jam (i.e., develop a yield stress in a disordered state) at zeroExpand
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Nonlinear dynamics: Jamming is not just cool any more
Some solids - say, powdered raw materials in a conduit - often become jammed. Are the properties of such jammed solids different to those of ordinary solids? The answer 'yes' comes from a paper inExpand
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Random packings of frictionless particles.
We conduct numerical simulations of random packings of frictionless particles at T = 0. The packing fraction where the pressure becomes nonzero is the same as the jamming threshold, where the staticExpand
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Generalized Lévy walks and the role of chemokines in migration of effector CD8+ T cells
Chemokines have a central role in regulating processes essential to the immune function of T cells, such as their migration within lymphoid tissues and targeting of pathogens in sites ofExpand
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The Jamming Transition and the Marginally Jammed Solid
When a system jams, it undergoes a transition from a flowing to a rigid state. Despite this important change in the dynamics, the internal structure of the system remains disordered in the solid asExpand
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DNA Damage Follows Repair Factor Depletion and Portends Genome Variation in Cancer Cells after Pore Migration
Migration through micron-size constrictions has been seen to rupture the nucleus, release nuclear-localized GFP, and cause localized accumulations of ectopic 53BP1-a DNA repair protein. Here,Expand
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Heart-Specific Stiffening in Early Embryos Parallels Matrix and Myosin Expression to Optimize Beating
In development and differentiation, morphological changes often accompany mechanical changes [1], but it is unclear whether or when cells in embryos sense tissue elasticity. The earliest embryo isExpand
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Nuclear rupture at sites of high curvature compromises retention of DNA repair factors
The nucleus is physically linked to the cytoskeleton, adhesions, and extracellular matrix—all of which sustain forces, but their relationships to DNA damage are obscure. We show that nuclear ruptureExpand
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Structural signatures of the unjamming transition at zero temperature.
We study the pair correlation function g(r) for zero-temperature, disordered, soft-sphere packings just above the onset of jamming. We find distinct signatures of the transition in both the first andExpand
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Vibrations and diverging length scales near the unjamming transition.
We numerically study the vibrations of jammed packings of particles interacting with finite-range, repulsive potentials at zero temperature. As the packing fraction phi is lowered towards the onsetExpand
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