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Absolute rates of Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion into a single transverse Gaussian mode
We provide expressions for the absolute emission rate of photon pairs produced in SPDC when all interacting fields are in a single transverse Gaussian mode.
Testing quantum correlations versus single-particle properties within Leggett’s model and beyond
Quantum mechanics enables distant events to be more strongly correlated than is possible classically. The proposal for a new family of experimental tests, and the implementation of one of them,Expand
Interference of single photons from two separate semiconductor quantum dots.
Interference between discrete photons emitted by two separate semiconductor quantum dot states in different samples excited by a pulsed laser is demonstrated and characterized. Expand
CubeSat quantum communications mission
The CubeSat Quantum Communications Mission (CQuCoM) would be a pathfinder for advanced nanosatellite payloads and operations, and would establish the basis for a constellation of low-Earth orbit trusted-nodes for QKD service provision. Expand
Experimental falsification of Leggett's nonlocal variable model.
A family of inequalities is introduced, which use a finite number of measurement settings, and which therefore allow testing Leggett's nonlocal model versus quantum physics, and are in agreement with quantum predictions. Expand
Progress in satellite quantum key distribution
This manuscript summarizes research and development which is beginning to enable QKD with satellites, and includes a discussion of protocols, infrastructure, and the technical challenges involved with implementing such systems, as well as a top level summary of on-going satelliteQKD initiatives around the world. Expand
Silicon avalanche photodiode operation and lifetime analysis for small satellites.
It is proposed that a Si APD in a 400 km equatorial orbit may operate beyond the lifetime of the satellite. Expand
Nanosatellite experiments to enable future space-based QKD missions
We present a programme for establishing the space worthiness of highly-miniaturised, polarisation-entangled, photon pair sources using CubeSat nanosatellites. Once demonstrated, the photon pairExpand
Tracking capacitance of liquid crystal devices to improve polarization rotation accuracy.
A modified relaxation oscillator circuit that can simultaneously determine the capacitance and drive the rotator is presented, and any polarization rotation can be achieved with improved accuracy over a wide temperature range. Expand
A simple approach to test Leggett's model of nonlocal quantum correlations
We present new inequalities for testing Leggett's model [Found. Phys. 33, 1469 (2003)] of non-local quantum correlations. Remarkably these inequalities can be derived in a very simple way, assumingExpand