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The nature and origins of counterfactuality in simple clauses: Cross-linguistic evidence
Abstract This paper is a cross-linguistic study of counterfactuality in simple clauses, as in the English construction The police should have intervened . On the basis of a representative sample ofExpand
Modal Adjectives: English Deontic and Evaluative Constructions in Diachrony and Synchrony
The book revisits the notion of deontic modality from the perspective of an understudied category in the modal domain, viz. adjectives. It analyses extraposition constructions with English adjectivesExpand
(Semi-)autonomous subordination in Dutch: Structures and semantic-pragmatic values
Abstract This article presents an analysis of autonomous and semi-autonomous subordination patterns in Dutch, some of which have so far gone unnoticed. It proposes a four-way classification of suchExpand
A typology of complement insubordination in Dutch
This paper presents an analysis of complement insubordination in Dutch, i.e. structures that are formally marked as subordinate complement clauses but conventionally used as main clauses. We developExpand
Revisiting deontic modality and related categories: A conceptual map based on the study of English m
This study analyses the semantics of Englishdeontic adjectives like essential and appropriate, and uses this to refine traditional definitions of deontic modality, which are mainly based on the study of modal verbs. Expand
The role of the accessibility of the subject in the development of adjectival complementation from Old English to Present-day Eng
This article investigates the role of the accessibi lity of subjects in the development of extraposed complements depending on deontic adjecti ves, such as it is important to honour those who haveExpand
Overt Intentions and Covert Agendas
There is a problem in achieving coherence between the design of an alternative approach to development, the formulation of national communication policies and the strength of existing powerExpand
Deictification: the development of secondary deictic meanings by adjectives in the English NP1
In this article we make a case for recognizing deictification as a type of grammaticalization and semantic shift in the NP analogous to auxiliarization in the VP. The specific analogy we point out isExpand
Formal Evidence in Grammaticalization Research
1. Acknowledgements 2. Introduction (by Davidse, Kristin) 3. On problem areas in grammaticalization: Lehmann's parameters and the issue of scope (by Fischer, Olga) 4. Grammaticalization within andExpand