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Growth, Structure and Physical Properties of Tetraaqua Bismaleatocobalt (II) Crystals
Tetraaqua bismaleatocobalt(II) crystals are grown by the controlled ionic diffusion in hydrosilica gel. The functional groups present in the crystal are identified using FTIR spectrum. The compoundExpand
Structural, thermal and dielectric properties of cobaltous malonate single crystals grown in limited diffusion media
Abstract Well-faceted crystals of cobaltous malonate (C6 H12 Co2 O12) have been grown by the controlled diffusion of ionic species in hydrosilica gel. Single crystal X-ray diffraction studies showExpand
Crystal growth and characterization of a new co-ordination complex—barium tetrakis(maleate) dihydrate
Abstract Crystals of barium tetrakis(maleate) dihydrate [Ba 4 (C 4 H 2 O 4 ) 4 ] ⁎ 2H 2 O are grown in gelated hydrosilica matrix. Single crystal X-ray diffraction studies show that the crystalExpand
Growth, structure and optical properties of an efficient NLO crystal-aqua maleatocopper(II)
Abstract A promising non-linear optical (NLO) crystal, aqua maleatocopper(II) (CuC4H2O4·H2O), was grown at room temperature by the controlled ionic diffusion technique. Fourier transform infraredExpand
Structure and optical properties of gel grown crystals of diaqua maleatocalcium (II)
Abstract Crystals of diaqua maleatocalcium (II) (CaC4H2O4·2H2O) have been grown by the controlled diffusion of ionic species in inert hydrosilica gel. The single crystal X-ray diffraction studiesExpand
Nano bioremediation of textile Dye effluentusing magnetite nanoparticles encapsulated alginate beads
Due to increase in urbanization and industrialization, both water consumption and wastewater generation are high. It is a great challenge to treat and provide safe water to the society. TheExpand
Growth, spectral and thermal properties of manganous malonate dihydrate crystals
Manganous malonate dihydrate crystals have been grown by ionic diffusion in hydrosilica gel. Powder XRD pattern and the FTIR spectrum have been recorded for the sample. The vibrational bandsExpand
Crystal growth, structural, thermal and optical studies of a new nonlinear coordination complex of cerium with malonic acid
Abstract Single crystals of a new nonlinear optical material, triaquatrismalonatodicerium (III) dihydrate ([3H 2 O(C 3 H 2 O 4 ) 3 Ce 2 ]·2H 2 O), have been grown using gel aided solution growthExpand
Growth and characterization of a novel crystal-barium malate trihydrate
Barium malate trihydrate crystals are grown by limited diffusion technique in hydro-silica gel. Relevant functional groups are identified from the FT-IR spectrum. Single crystal XRD shows that theExpand
Spectroscopic, thermal and structural studies on manganous malate crystals
Prismatic crystals of manganous malate have been prepared by controlled ionic diffusion in hydrosilica gel. The structure was elucidated using single crystal X-ray diffraction. The crystals areExpand