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Annealing of Bragg gratings in hydrogen‐loaded optical fiber
We have conducted a detailed study of the thermal stability of Bragg gratings written in hydrogen‐loaded and unloaded germanium‐doped optical fiber. Interference of either continuous‐wave or pulsedExpand
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External-cavity InGaAs/InP graded index multiquantum well laser with a 200 nm tuning range
A tuning range of 200 nm has been achieved with a step‐graded multiquantum well InGaAs/InP laser in an external‐cavity configuration. Continuous, single‐mode lasing could be observed from 1440 toExpand
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Erbium-doped fiber amplifier pumped in the 950-1000 nm region
The pump wavelength dependence of the gain of an erbium-doped fiber amplifier pumped in the wavelength region 950-1000 nm is discussed. It is found that efficient gain at 1.557 mu m, between 25 andExpand
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1.54 μm room‐temperature luminescence of MeV erbium‐implanted silica glass
MeV erbium implantation doping of 10‐μm‐thick silica glass films on a Si substrate is studied with the aim of incorporating the rare‐earth dopant on an optically active site in the silica network.Expand
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Decrease of fluorescence in optical fiber during exposure to pulsed or continuous-wave ultraviolet light
Abstract We exposed optical fibers to UV light and simultaneously measured the intensity of the blue fluorescence from the fiber core. Two silica glass fibers with different core dopants wereExpand
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Characterisation of Bragg gratings in fibres with the heat-scan technique
Chirped Bragg gratings in fibres have been characterised and mapped by scanning a heating element along the fibre. The chirp of three gratings was found to be linear, and a standard deviation asExpand
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Switching in all-fibre interferometer using a semiconductor coated D-fibre
A nonlinear element consisting of a D-shaped optical fibre coated with a thin layer of semiconductor material was used for phase modulation in a Mach-Zehnder and in a Sagnac interferometricExpand
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Generation and cancellation of second-order harmonic distortion in analog optical systems by interferometric FM-AM conversion
The generation of strong harmonic distortion from interferometric FM-AM conversion in analog lightwave systems is demonstrated both theoretically and experimentally. The effect results from theExpand
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Output saturation characteristics of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers pumped at 975 nm
We report the signal saturation behavior of an erbium‐doped fiber amplifier pumped at 975 nm. We have characterized the output saturation powers as a function of fiber length and observed that theExpand
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