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Defensive Processing of Personally Relevant Health Messages
Subectsfor whom a health threat was relvant or irrelevant were recruited and matched on prior beliefs in the health threat. Following exposure to either a low- or a high-threat message, high-relvanceExpand
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Effectiveness of universal school-based programs to prevent violent and aggressive behavior: a systematic review.
Universal, school-based programs, intended to prevent violent behavior, have been used at all grade levels from pre-kindergarten through high school. These programs may be targeted to schools in aExpand
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The long view of crime : a synthesis of longitudinal research
and Executive Summary.- Synthesizing Recent Longitudinal Findings.- Crime and the Life Course.- Taking Stock of Developmental Trajectories of Criminal Activity over the Life Course.- What we haveExpand
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The Use of Trait Conceptions to Identify Other People's Behavior and to Draw Inferences about their Personalities
According to Trope's model, dispositional judgment results from two stages, behavior identification and dispositional inference. This article first reviews research on factors affecting behaviorExpand
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Value conflict and thought-induced attitude change
Abstract Past research has demonstrated that thought often leads attitudes to become more extreme. Such polarization of attitudes has generally been understood to result from consistency-drivenExpand
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The Direct Effect of Personal Relevance on Attitudes
The personal relevance of several academic and public policy proposals was manipulated, in the absence of any persuasive message, in two studies using a survey methodology and in two laboratoryExpand
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Punishment, Proportionality and Jurisdictional Transfer of Adolescent Offenders: A Test of the Leniency Gap Hypothesis
In the past two decades, nearly every state has expanded its authority and simplified its procedures to transfer adolescent offenders from juvenile to criminal (adult) courts. As a result, the use ofExpand
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Effects on Violence of Laws and Policies Facilitating the Transfer of Juveniles from the Juvenile Justice System to teh Adult Justice System
  • ngela McGowan, R. Hahn, +11 authors lenda Stone
  • 2007
bstract: The independent, nonfederal Task Force on Community Preventive Services (Task Force), which directs development of the Guide to Community Preventive Services (Community Guide), has conductedExpand
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