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Geographies of financial exclusion: financial abandonment in Britain and the United States
Financial exclusion refers to those processes that prevent poor and disadvantaged social groups from gaining access to the financial system. It has important implications for uneven developmentExpand
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Financializing space, spacing financialization
The paper develops a sympathetic geographical critique of the concept of financialization which seeks to account for the growing influence of financial markets over the unfolding of economy, polityExpand
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The Capitalization of Almost Everything
This article examines an apparent dichotomy that lies at the heart of the contemporary financial system. On the one hand, the financial system would appear to be becoming ever more complex andExpand
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Platform capitalism: the intermediation and capitalization of digital economic circulation
A new form of digital economic circulation has emerged, wherein ideas, knowledge, labour and use rights for otherwise idle assets move between geographically distributed but connected and interactiveExpand
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The Software Slump?: Digital Music, the Democratisation of Technology, and the Decline of the Recording Studio Sector within the Musical Economy
The music industry has been radically transformed by software. As has now been well documented, the development of software formats such as MP3 and the rise of Internet 'piracy' have had significantExpand
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Lists come alive: electronic systems of knowledge and the rise of credit-scoring in retail banking
This paper foucuses upon a change in the type of market knowledge provileged by ratail banks as a result of the rise of a new implementation of information technology. In traditional retail banksExpand
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Bridges into Work? An Evaluation of Local Exchange and Trading Schemes (LETS)
Recently, the policy community has been paying particular attention to Local Exchange and Trading Schemes (LETS) as potential bridges into work for the unemployed. Up until now, however, there hasExpand
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A very geographical crisis: the making and breaking of the 2007–2008 financial crisis
The paper argues that the origins of the financial crisis of 2007-2008 can ultimately be located in four spaces: in international financial centres, in particular, in the longstanding competitionExpand
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Towards an Ecology of Retail Financial Services: Understanding the Persistence of Door-to-Door Credit and Insurance Providers
In this paper we explore the relationship between knowledge, trust, and space in the production and consumption of retail financial services as part of a wider enquiry into processes of financialExpand
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