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Efficient computation of CMB anisotropies in closed FRW models
We implement the efficient line-of-sight method to calculate the anisotropy and polarization of the cosmic microwave background for scalar and tensor modes in almost Friedmann-Robertson-Walker modelsExpand
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Cosmological parameters from CMB and other data: A Monte Carlo approach
We present a fast Markov chain Monte Carlo exploration of cosmological parameter space. We perform a joint analysis of results from recent cosmic microwave background ~CMB! experiments and provideExpand
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Weak gravitational lensing of the CMB
Weak gravitational lensing has several important effects on the cosmic microwave background (CMB): it changes the CMB power spectra, induces non-Gaussianities, and generates a B-mode polarizationExpand
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Deuterium abundance in the most metal-poor damped Lyman alpha system: converging on Ωb,0h2
The most metal-poor damped Lyα system known to date, at zabs= 2.61843 in the spectrum of the QSO Q0913+072, with an oxygen abundance of only ∼1/250 of the solar value, shows six well-resolved DIExpand
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The linear power spectrum of observed source number counts
We relate the observable number of sources per solid angle and redshift to the underlying proper source density and velocity, background evolution and line-of-sight potentials. We give an exactExpand
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Terrain attributes: estimation methods and scale effects
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Efficient sampling of fast and slow cosmological parameters
Physical parameters are often constrained from the data likelihoods using sampling methods. Changing some parameters can be much more computationally expensive (`slow') than changing other parametersExpand
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Lensed CMB simulation and parameter estimation
Modelling of the weak lensing of the CMB will be crucial to obtain correct cosmological parameter constraints from forthcoming precision CMB anisotropy observations. The lensing affects the powerExpand
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Cosmological parameters from WMAP 5-year temperature maps
I calculate a hybrid cross-power spectrum estimator from the WMAP 5-year CMB temperature maps, discuss the goodness of fit, and then constrain cosmological parameters. The spectrum and results areExpand
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CMB power spectrum parameter degeneracies in the era of precision cosmology
Cosmological parameter constraints from the CMB power spectra alone suffer several well-known degeneracies. These degeneracies can be broken by numerical artefacts and also a variety of physicalExpand
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