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A framework of tourist attraction research
Abstract Although tourist attractions are fundamental to the very existence of tourism, there have been few attemps to come to terms with the breadth of approaches that have been employed in their
Understanding and Managing Tourism Impacts: An Integrated Approach
1. Introduction: Conceptualising Tourism 2. Understanding Impacts 3. Economic Impacts 4. Socio-Cultural Impacts 5. Physical Impacts 6. Integrated Approaches to Tourism Impacts: The Role of Planning
Distance Decay and the Impact of Effective Tourism Exclusion Zones on International Travel Flows
This article examines the decaying effect of distance decay in outbound air travel from Hong Kong. Distance decay theory predicts that demand will peak at some distance relatively close to a source
  • A. Lew
  • Sociology
  • 1 December 1991
Tourist guidebooks provide an important source of information on places. Different guidebooks are written for different types of visitors to better meet their individual travel needs. This is
Tourism planning and place making: place-making or placemaking?
  • A. Lew
  • Sociology
  • 31 January 2017
ABSTRACT Tourism destination planning and marketing are fundamentally place making actions intended to shape the image and imageability of a place. Place making is an innate human behavior, ranging
Tourism Geography: Critical Understandings of Place, Space and Experience
Introduction 1. Tourism, Geography and Geographies of Tourism Part 1: The Emergence of Global Tourism 2. The Emergence of Modern Tourism Demand 3. Global Patterns of International Travel and Tourism
Scale, change and resilience in community tourism planning
  • A. Lew
  • Political Science
  • 1 January 2014
Resilience planning has emerged in recent years as an alternative to the sustainable development paradigm to provide new perspectives on community development and socio-ecological adjustments to a