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The impact of domestic violence on the maternal-child relationship and preschool-age children's functioning.
Although preschool-age children are at risk for witnessing domestic violence, the majority of research has focused on children ages 6 to 12 years. This study examines the mediating role of theExpand
Parenting in Battered Women: The Effects of Domestic Violence on Women and Their Children
This study integrates an ecological perspective and trauma theory in proposing a model of the effects of domestic violence on women's parenting and children's adjustment. One hundred and twenty womenExpand
Domestic violence, maternal parenting, maternal mental health, and infant externalizing behavior.
This study examined whether maternal functioning mediated the relationship between domestic violence (DV) and infant externalizing behavior. Participants were 203 mother-infant dyads. Support wasExpand
The Social Networks of Women Experiencing Domestic Violence
The research literature has demonstrated that battered women living in shelters experience impaired social support. This study examines this phenomenon among battered women living in the community.Expand
Trauma Symptoms in Preschool-Age Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
The posttraumatic stress symptoms of 39 children who had witnessed domestic violence and 23 children who were living in families with domestic violence were assessed by maternal report. Two measuresExpand
Adolescent survivors of childhood sexual abuse: the mediating role of attachment style and coping in psychological and interpersonal functioning.
OBJECTIVE To examine attachment style and coping strategies as potential mediating variables between childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and psychological and interpersonal functioning in an attempt toExpand
Mothers' Perceptions of the Impact of Woman Abuse on Their Parenting
Previous studies have examined the effects of domestic violence on women's parenting solely through questionnaire data. The current study, consistent with feminist theory, examines women's narrativesExpand
Resilience among children exposed to domestic violence: the role of risk and protective factors.
Individual and family characteristics that predict resilience among children exposed to domestic violence (DV) were examined. Mother-child dyads (n = 190) were assessed when the children were 2, 3,Expand
Behavioral observations of parenting in battered women.
The current study assessed observational data of parenting in 95 battered women and their school-aged children's behavioral adjustment and analyzed them within an ecological framework. ResultsExpand
The Future of Research on Intimate Partner Violence: Person-Oriented and Variable-Oriented Perspectives
This article uses the distinction between the person and the variable orientations as a frame for structuring (1) research on IPV, (2) results of this research, and (3) an agenda for future research.Expand