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Internal fixation of proximal radial head fractures.
The treatment of choice for proximal radial head fractures remains controversial. The goal of any treatment for an intra-articular fracture must be the complete restoration of the joint and itsExpand
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Comparison between glucose and a combination of glucose, fructose, and xylitol as carbohydrates for total parenteral nutrition of surgical intensive care patients.
The effects of four day periods of infusions of 600 gm/24 hours glucose and 600 gm/24 hours of a combination of glucose, fructose, and xylitol were compared. This study was performed during totalExpand
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Thoracoscopic resection of an ectopic giant parathyroid adenoma: indication, technique, and three years follow-up.
We report on a case of a large mediastinal parathyroid adenoma resected successfully using a thoracoscopic approach. Apart from a slight hypocalcemia, which normalized within three days, the patientExpand
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Distale Radiusfrakturen - Retrospektive Qualitätskontrolle nach konservativer und operativer Therapie
Background: The distal radius fracture is the most frequent fracture in the adult patient. The wide spectrum of different types of fracture and the coexisting factors make the choice for the optimalExpand
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[Integration and resorption of calcium phosphate ceramics in defect filling of fractures of the tibial head. Radiologic long-term results].
Calciumphosphate ceramics are considered as a substitute for cancellous bone grafts. 16 patients with traumatic impressions of the tibial plateau were treated according to the AO-principles andExpand
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[Fractures of acetabulum and pelvic ring--epidemiology and clinical outcome].
From 1980 to 1995 inclusive we conducted a study on pelvic ring and acetabular fractures in Kantonspital Chur (KSC). 118 patients were studied and of these 51 had pelvic ring fractures and 67Expand
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[Fractures of the scapula and injuries of the acromioclavicular joint. The traumatized shoulder and its sequelae].
Fractures of the scapula are rare and mainly result from a severe direct trauma. Most fractures may be treated non-operatively, only severely displaced and unstable fractures of the neck and/or theExpand
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[Long-term parenteral feeding].
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Vergleichende Untersuchungen während fünftägiger postoperativer Infusion von Glucose oder einer Kombination von Glucose, Fructose und Xylit
SummaryTwo groups of 12 cholecystectomized or vagotomized patients were given central venous infusions of either a combination of glucose, fructose and xylitol at the ratio of 1:2:1 or of glucoseExpand
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