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Equational characterization of all varieties of MV-algebras
Abstract It is known that all subvarieties of MV-algebras are finitely axiomatizable. In the literature, one can find equational characterizations of certain subvarieties, such as MVn-algebras. InExpand
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Perfect MV-algebras are categorically equivalent to abelianl-groups
In this paper we prove that the category of abelianl-groups is equivalent to the category of perfect MV-algebras. Furthermore, we give a finite equational axiomatization of the variety generated byExpand
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Algebraic analysis of fuzzy systems
In this paper, we have developed an algebraic theory, suitable for the analysis of fuzzy systems. We have used the notions of semiring and semimodule, introduced the notion of semilinear space, haveExpand
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Representations of monadic MV -algebras
Representations of monadic MV -algebra, the characterization of locally finite monadic MV -algebras, with axiomatization of them, definability of non-trivial monadic operators on finitely generatedExpand
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Equations with fuzzy numbers
Abstract Assuming that ∗ is any operation defined in the real number set, it can be extended to the fuzzy sets by Zadeh's extension principle. In this paper we study which conditions have to beExpand
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Representations of MV-algebras by sheaves
In this paper, inspired by methods of Bigard, Keimel, and Wolfenstein ([2]), we develop an approach to sheaf representations of MV-algebras which combines two techniques for the representation ofExpand
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On varieties of MV-algebras with internal states
In [4,5] the authors introduced the variety SMV of MV-algebras with an internal operator, state MV-algebras. In [2,3] the authors gave a stronger version of state MV-algebras, called state-morphismExpand
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Finite BL-algebras
BL-algebras were introduced by Hajek as algebraic structures of Basic Logic. The aim of this paper is to analyze the structure of finite BL-algebras. Extending the notion of ordinal sum, weExpand
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Projective MV-algebras
A characterization of finitely generated projective MV-algebras is given, introducing the new notions of correct partitions and e-relatively complete subalgebras.
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