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Transforming Paris: The Life and Labors of Baron Haussmann@@@The Nation and Its City: Politics, "Corruption," and Progress in Washington, D.C., 1861-1902
This text tells the story of how the politicians, federal officials and business leaders of Gilded-Age Washington created for the United States a capital city worthy to stand with - and even rival -Expand
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From Political Insult to Political Theory: The Boss, the Machine, and the Pluralist City
Among fictional characters largely lost to history is Michael Mulhooly, protagonist of Rufus Shapley’s 1880 political satire, Solid for Mulhooly . Th e book began as a campaign tract, a thinly veiledExpand
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Historical Dictionary of the Progressive Era
The Progressive Era, the period in the United States between 1898 and 1917, was a time of great social, political, and industrial change. Following the Spanish-American War of 1898, an event thatExpand
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Corpus Christi, 1965-2005
This article recounts four decades of efforts to reenergize the economy of Corpus Christi, a regional city and ocean resort along the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Between 1920 and 1970, theExpand
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Harland Bartholomew and Corpus Christi: the faltering pursuit of comprehensive planning in South Texas
In the mid-twentieth century, the prolific St Louis consulting firm Harland Bartholomew and Associates (HBA), played a strategic role in the standardization of planning practices and in the diffusionExpand
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