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Phenological changes reflect climate change in Wisconsin.
A phenological study of springtime events was made over a 61-year period at one site in southern Wisconsin. The records over this long period show that several phenological events have beenExpand
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Sugars and desiccation tolerance in seeds.
Soluble sugars have been shown to protect liposomes and lobster microsomes from desiccation damage, and a protective role has been proposed for them in several anhydrous systems. We have studied theExpand
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Maturation proteins and sugars in desiccation tolerance of developing soybean seeds.
The desiccation-tolerant state in seeds is associated with high levels of certain sugars and maturation proteins. The aim of this work was to evaluate the contributions of these components toExpand
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Maturation proteins associated with desiccation tolerance in soybean.
A set of proteins that accumulates late in embryogenesis (Lea proteins) has been hypothesized to have a role in protecting the mature seed against desiccation damage. A possible correlation betweenExpand
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Stability of dry liposomes in sugar glasses.
Sugars, particularly trehalose and sucrose, are used to stabilize liposomes during hydration (freeze-drying and air-drying). As a result, dry liposomes are trapped in a sugar glass, a supersaturatedExpand
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The Maillard reaction and oxidative stress during aging of soybean seeds
The chemical reactions that may lead to the loss of seed viability were investigated both during the accelerated aging and natural aging of soybeans (Glycine max Merrill cv. Chippewa 64). UnderExpand
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Ethylene evolution from 2-chloroethylphosphonic Acid.
Strong growth regulating properties have been observed for 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid (Amchem 66-329) when applied to plants, and the regulatory effects have been attributed to the liberation ofExpand
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Senescence and aging in plants
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Seed stability during storage: Raffinose content and seed glassy state
It has been proposed that sucrose and raffinose play a role in the storability of maize seeds. The levels of these sugars in the embryos and the glassy state were compared in maize seeds ofExpand
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Apoplastic pH in corn root gravitropism: a laser scanning confocal microscopy measurement.
The ability to measure the pH of the apoplast in situ is of special interest as a test of the cell wall acidification theory. Optical sectioning of living seedlings of corn roots using the laserExpand
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