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300-mm-aperture phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer
A 300-mm-aperture digital phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer (LADI) has been developed in house for precision metrology of optical components fabricated by the Optical Workshop at CSIRO Division ofExpand
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Polishing study using Teflon and pitch laps to produce flat and supersmooth surfaces.
Teflon polishing is compared with pitch polishing as a method for achieving supersmooth and flat optical surfaces. Because a Teflon lap wears slowly, it will retain its surface shape to produceExpand
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Power spectral density analysis of optical substrates for gravitational-wave interferometry.
The power spectral density of surface-relief variations on polished optical surfaces across microscopic through to macroscopic spatial scales is calculated from measurements on substrates that areExpand
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Fabrication and measurement of optics for the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory.
The manufacture and testing of high-precision optical surfaces for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory is described. Through the use of carefully shaped polishing laps made of aExpand
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Teflon laps: some new developments and results.
The process of superpolishing with Teflon laps has enabled supersmooth [< 0.1 nm rms] and extremely flat (λ/100) optical surfaces to be produced on a large range of amorphous and crystalline opticalExpand
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Electrooptic Fabry-Perot filter: development for the study of solar oscillations.
Observations of nonradial solar oscillations require Doppler velocity measurement at many points over the photosphere with a velocity resolution better than 1 m/s. An attractive form of imagingExpand
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The molar volume of silicon [Avogadro constant]
A reevaluation has been made of the density and molar mass data for the silicon single crystals used in three Avogadro projects in which the authors' institutions are cooperating. A value of 12.058Expand
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High Precision Digital Interferometry: Its Application To The Production Of An Ultrathin Solid Fabry-Perot Etalon
Teflon polishing is capable of producing surfaces flat to 3 nm or better, but its wider application requires suitable testing methods to measure such small residual errors. Digital interferometryExpand
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Fabrication and testing of a high-precision concave spherical mirror
CSIRO's Australian Centre for Precision Optics has recently finished the production of a high-precision concave spherical mirror. The specifications were very ambitious: numerical aperture 0.75;Expand
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