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The Bilingual Education Act: A Legislative Analysis.
This analysis explicates the federal legislation which is the foundation for many bilingual education-efforts in the United States today. The first section sets forth the political background. thatExpand
Do women's breastfeeding experiences with their first-borns affect whether they breastfeed their subsequent children?
Data on women with at least two children are used to examine how the breastfeeding experience with the first child affects whether subsequent children are breastfed. Our results indicate that womenExpand
Breeding structure of Drosophila buzzatii in relation to competition in prickly pears (Opuntia ficus-indica)
Les fruits pourris d'Opuntia ficus-indica (figues de Barbarie) sont utilises comme sites de reproduction par quatre especes de drosophiles (D melanogaster, D simulans, D buzzatii et D hydei) dans leExpand
English Literacy: Legal Sanction for Discrimination
The thesis of this article is that, in general, English literacy tests and other statutory sanctions applied in favor of English were originally formulated as an indirect but effective means ofExpand
The Refugee Act of 1980: Problems and Congressional Concerns
The Refugee Act of 1980 was the most comprehensive U.S. law ever enacted concerning refugee admissions and resettlement. But each one of its principles has raised problems and encouraged new debateExpand
Language as a Means of Social Control: The United States Experience.
Embattled Island: Palau's Struggle for Independence
Preface Introduction Note on Pronunciation of Palauan Names The Cast of Characters Chronology of Events in Palau The Suicide of President Salii: The Strange Funeral Palau's Universe: The WestExpand