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Viability of long-term cryopreserved human saphenous veins.
The feasibility of maintaining long-term viability of human venous allografts by cryopreservation has been investigated. Segments of vein were obtained from 85 patients undergoing a strippingExpand
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Morphology and fibrinolytic activity of canine autogenous mesothelium used as venous substitute
SummaryAutogenous mesothelium was used as venous substitute in ten dogs. Patches of mesothelium of three different origins were grafted into the anterior wall of the common iliac veins (CIV):Expand
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Reliability of amidolytic assays for progressive antithrombin and heparin cofactor activities on capillary blood.
Amidolytic assay of antithrombin III on capillary blood can validly substitute for similar assays performed on venous blood, as an excellent correlation exists (r = 0.95). For the amidolytic assaysExpand
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Experimental Inferior Caval Replacement with Mesothelium
Thrombo-resistance of mesothelial grafts was evaluated by replacing the inferior vena cava in 16 dogs. In 10 dogs, treated by antiplatelet aggregation agents, uniform graft thrombosis happened withinExpand
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