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A plant‐derived edible vaccine against hepatitis B virus
The infectious hepatitis B virus represents 42 nm spherical double‐shelled particles. However, analysis of blood from hepatitis B virus carriers revealed the presence of smaller 22 nm particlesExpand
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Understanding evolution.
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Expression of genes encoding PR10 class pathogenesis-related proteins is inhibited in yellow lupine root nodules
Abstract Pathogenesis-related proteins of the PR10 class have been found in many plant species, are induced under various stress conditions and act as common allergens. Here we demonstrate theExpand
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Immunoprotective properties of transgenic plants expressing E2 glycoprotein from CSFV and cysteine protease from Fasciola hepatica.
Immune responses were elicited in laboratory animals after oral vaccination by transgenic plants (lettuce and alfalfa) expressing the E2 glycoprotein of Classical Swine Fever Virus (CSFV) or cysteineExpand
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Bayesian phylogenetic analysis reveals two-domain topology of S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase protein sequences.
S-Adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase (SahH) is involved in the degradation of the compound which inhibits methylation reactions. Using a Bayesian approach and other methods, we reconstructed aExpand
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Differential expression and evolutionary analysis of the three ferritin genes in the legume plant Lupinus luteus
We identified three genes coding for ferritins in the legume plant - yellow lupine (LlFer1, LlFer2, LlFer3). Proteins coded by these genes have a typical 'plant' structure, and precursors of theirExpand
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Biological Fixation of Nitrogen for Ecology and Sustainable Agriculture
Structural Chemistry and Biochemistry of Nitrogenase. - Signal Perception, Transduction and Cell Cycle Genes in Nodulation. - Plant Genes Involved in Nodulation. - Bacterium-Plant SurfaceExpand
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Developmental biochemistry of cottonseed embryogenesis and germination XVIII cDNA and amino acid sequences of members of the storage protein families
SummaryWe have sequenced cDNA clones representing each of the three distinct groups of storage proteins of the cotton seed. Characteristics of their mRNAs and derived proteins are given. Dot matrixExpand
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Initiation Factor eIF‐2 from Wheat Germ
Protein synthesis initiation factor eIF-2 was isolated and purified 4300-fold from wheat germ 23000 ×g supernatant. The procedure described resulted in a 70% pure factor and involves threeExpand
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