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An Examination of New Product Development Best Practice
Efforts continue to identify new product development (NPD) best practices. Examples of recognized studies include those by the Product Development and Management Association's Comparative PerformanceExpand
Project management tools and techniques in high‐technology SMEs
Purpose – This paper aims to examine the use of project management practices in small high‐technology firms and to identify what contributes to project success.Design/methodology/approach – TheExpand
Project management in small to medium-sized enterprises: matching processes to the nature of the firm
Abstract Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make a key contribution to the economy in terms of employment, innovation and growth. Project management can play a significant role in facilitating thisExpand
Project management in small to medium‐sized enterprises: A comparison between firms by size and industry
Purpose – Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the economy, in terms of employment and their contribution to national wealth. A significant proportion of that contributionExpand
New product development best practice in SME and large organisations: theory vs practice
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore new product development (NPD) best practice from a practitioner's perspective. A large body of research has been completed on best practices in NPD.Expand
Management of new product development in small electronics firms
This paper reports on the findings of a study of the development of 63 new products in 36 electronics firms in Ireland. The firms range in size from fewer than ten to over 1,000 employees. They allExpand
Project management in small to medium‐sized enterprises: Tailoring the practices to the size of company
Purpose – The authors propose that small to medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs) need simpler, more people‐focused forms of project management than traditionally used by larger organizations. The authorsExpand
Using anti‐plagiarism software to promote academic honesty in the context of peer reviewed assignments
A variety of free and commercial software applications designed to detect plagiarism from Internet sources has appeared in recent years. However, their effectiveness and impact on student behaviourExpand
Market Orientation, NPD Performance, and Organizational Performance in Small Firms
Many studies have established relationships among market orientation, new product performance, and organizational performance; however, few have examined these relationships in small firms. WhereExpand
Product launch, product advantage and market orientation in SMEs
Purpose – The importance of new product development to the survival and success of firms is well supported in the literature; however, few studies have investigated new product development in smallExpand