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Insulin Causes Endothelial Dysfunction in Humans: Sites and Mechanisms
Background—Insulin resistance is often accompanied by hyperinsulinemia and may predispose to atherosclerosis. Endothelium plays a central role in atherogenesis. The in vivo effects ofExpand
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Brain pathology induced by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
SummaryNeuropathological examination of brain tissue of 100 patients with infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), including 98 with clinically manifest acquired immune deficiencyExpand
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Prevention of medication errors: detection and audit.
1. Medication errors have important implications for patient safety, and their identification is a main target in improving clinical practice errors, in order to prevent adverse events. 2. ErrorExpand
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The antiplatelet effects of a new nitroderivative of acetylsalicylic acid--an in vitro study of inhibition on the early phase of platelet activation and on TXA2 production.
We studied in vitro the antiplatelet activity of a new nitroderivative chemically related to acetylsalicylic acid: 2 acetoxybenzoate 2-[1-nitroxy-methyl]-phenyl ester (NCX 4016), in order to identifyExpand
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Prevalence of carotid artery kinking in 590 consecutive subjects evaluated by Echocolordoppler. Is there a correlation with arterial hypertension?
Abstract. Pancera P, Ribul R, Presciuttini B, Lechi A (Università di Verona, Italy). Prevalence of carotid artery kinking in 590 consecutive subjects evaluated by Echocolordoppler. Is there aExpand
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Body fat distribution predicts the degree of endothelial dysfunction in uncomplicated obesity
OBJECTIVE: To ascertain in obesity the role of body fat distribution (the strongest predictor of morbility and mortality in obese subjects) in determining the degree of endothelial dysfunction, anExpand
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Altered Release of Cytochrome P450 Metabolites of Arachidonic Acid in Renovascular Disease
The aim of the present cross-sectional study was to investigate whether activation of the renin-angiotensin system in renovascular disease affects the cytochrome P450 &ohgr;/&ohgr;-1 hydroxylaseExpand
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Forearm haemodynamics, arterial stiffness and microcirculatory reactivity in rheumatoid arthritis
Objectives Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of mortality in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. This work studied the presence of impaired forearm haemodynamics, arterial stiffness andExpand
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Increased Protein Nitration in Mitochondrial Diseases: Evidence for Vessel Wall Involvement
Mitochondrial diseases (MD) are heterogeneous disorders because of impairment of respiratory chain function leading to oxidative stress. We hypothesized that in MD the vascular endothelium may beExpand
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Increased basal and thrombin-induced free calcium in platelets of essential hypertensive patients.
Intracellular free calcium, [Ca2+]i, was studied in platelets of essential hypertensive subjects and normotensive controls under basal conditions and after stimulation with epinephrine,Expand
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