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Cucurbit downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis)—biology, ecology, epidemiology, host-pathogen interaction and control
This review provides recent data on the taxonomy, biology, ecology, host range, geographic distribution and epidemiology of P. cubensis and summarizes the most important topics for future research and international collaboration. Expand
Epidemiology and plant disease management
A set of Cucurbitaceae taxa for differentiation of Pseudoperonospora cubensis pathotypes
The data about host genera and pathogen variation summarized here fully support previous reports about the existence of distinct physiological forms (pathotypes and races) of P. cubensis, and evidence that such forms may be delimited based on host genus, species and intraspecific specificities is presented. Expand
In Vitro Selection for Improved Plant Resistance to Toxin-Producing Pathogens
This review summarizes papers that cover basic research on the effects of selective agents on in vitro cultures of host plants, as well as applications of agents in regeneration systems that result in lines with increased variability in resistance or susceptibility. Expand
Wild Lactuca germplasm for lettuce breeding: current status, gaps and challenges
A critical analysis of the current status of wild Lactuca L. germplasm in relation to its utility for lettuce breeding is presented and future research and other activities related to wild L.actuca germplasms and their continued exploitation in lettuce breeding are considered. Expand
Geographical distribution of wildLactuca species (Asteraceae, Lactuceae)
A broad survey of available world literature showed that at least 98 wildLactuca spp. (Asteraceae) have been described taxonomically. The distribution of the genusLactuca worldwide includes 17Expand
Biodiversity and ecogeography of wild Lactuca spp. in some European countries
An expedition in seven European countries in August/September 1999 to collect wild Lactuca spp. Expand
Representation of wild Lactuca spp. (Asteraceae, Lactuceae) in world genebank collections
The spread of the genus Lactuca worldwide includes 16 species in Europe, 51 in Asia, 43 in Africa and 12 in America (mostly North American subcontinent). Natural distributions of Lactuca spp. areExpand