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Phase Structure of Driven Quantum Systems.
It is shown that their disordered Floquet many-body localized counterparts can exhibit distinct ordered phases delineated by sharp transitions, and these are analogs of equilibrium states with broken symmetries and topological order. Expand
Equilibrium states of generic quantum systems subject to periodic driving.
It is shown that for generic nonintegrable interacting systems, local observables become independent of the initial state entirely. Expand
Fate of Many-Body Localization Under Periodic Driving.
Numerical studies on a system of interacting one-dimensional bosons and the quantum random energy model, as well as simple physical pictures accounting for those results, find that the presence of a mobility edge anywhere in the spectrum is enough to lead to delocalization for any driving strength and frequency. Expand
Periodic thermodynamics of isolated quantum systems.
It is analytically show that, for a class of integrable systems, the relevant ensemble is constructed by maximizing an appropriately defined entropy subject to constraints, which is explicitly identified. Expand
How periodic driving heats a disordered quantum spin chain
We study the energy absorption in real time of a disordered quantum spin chain subjected to coherent monochromatic periodic driving. We determine characteristic fingerprints of the well-known ergodicExpand
Competing pairing states for ultracold fermions in optical lattices with an artificial staggered magnetic field
We study fermionic superfluidity in an ultracold Bose-Fermi mixture loaded into a square optical lattice subjected to a staggered flux. While the bosons form a Bose-Einstein condensate at very lowExpand
Topics in interfacial phenomena
Strongly interacting bosons in multichromatic potentials supporting mobility edges : Localization, quasi-condensation, and expansion dynamics
We provide an account of the static and dynamic properties of hard-core bosons in a one-dimensional lattice subject to a multi-chromatic quasiperiodic potential for which the single-particle spectrumExpand
Nonlocality and short-range wetting phenomena.
Renormalization group and computer simulation studies reveal the strong nonperturbative influence of nonlocality at critical wetting, throwing light on long-standing theoretical problems regarding the order of the phase transition. Expand
Fate of a discrete time crystal in an open system
Following the recent realisation that periodically driven quantum matter can support new types of spatiotemporal order, now known as discrete time crystals (DTCs), we consider the stability of thisExpand