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Perfect recovery and sensitivity analysis of time encoded bandlimited signals
  • A. Lazar, L. Tóth
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I…
  • 18 October 2004
It is shown that the amplitude information of a bandlimited signal can be perfectly recovered if the difference between any two consecutive values of the time sequence is bounded by the inverse of the Nyquist rate.
Design and Analysis of the Progressive Second Price Auction for Network Bandwidth Sharing
With simulations using a protype implementation of the auction game on the Internet, this work investigates how convergence times scale with the number of bidders, as well as the trade-o between engineering and economic e ciency.
Asymptotic results for multiplexing subexponential on-off processes
Consider an aggregate arrival process A N obtained by multiplexing N on-off processes with exponential off periods of rate λ and subexponential on periods τon. As N goes to infinity, with λN → Λ, A N
Achieving network optima using Stackelberg routing strategies
The existence of maximally efficient strategies for the manager, i.e., strategies that drive the system into the global network optimum, is investigated and it is shown that they are met in many cases of practical interest.
Market mechanisms for network resource sharing
The Progressive Second Price auction (PSP) is presented, a new decentralized mechanism for allocating variable-size shares of a resource among multiple users and an optimal truthful strategy for coordinated bidding for a player participating in auctions on multiple resource elements is derived, and the equilibrium and efficiency results still hold.
Let {(Xn, Jn )} be a stationary Markov-modulated random walk on × E (E is finite), defined by its probability transition matrix measure F ={ F ij }, F ij (B) = [X1 ∈ B, J1 = j | J0 = i], B ∈ ( ), i,
Practical protocols for certified electronic mail
This paper presents the design of two third-party based certified mail protocols, termed CMP1 and CMP2, designed for integration into existing standard e-mail systems and both satisfy the requirements of nonrepudiation of origin, nonrepudsiation of delivery, and fairness.
The Progressive Second Price Auction Mechanism for Network Resource Sharing
In the emerging multiservice communication networks (ATM, Next-GenerationInternet), traditional approaches to pricing are not viable and there is need to develop new approaches to Pricing of network resources, which have led to shortages in recent years.
Architecting noncooperative networks
It is shown that, for systems of parallel links, such paradoxes cannot occur and the optimal solution coincides with the solution in the single-user case, and some extensions to general network topologies are derived.
On the existence of equilibria in noncooperative optimal flow control
The existence of Nash equilibria in noncooperative flow control in a general product-form network shared by K users is investigated and Brouwer's theorem implies that the best reply function has a fixed point.