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Burning of a hadronic star into a quark or a hybrid star
We study the hydrodynamical transition from a hadronic star into a quark or a hybrid star. We discuss the possible mode of burning, using a fully relativistic formalism and realistic equations of
Early appearance of Delta isobars in neutron stars
We discuss the formation of Delta isobars in neutron star matter. We show that their threshold density strictly correlates with the density derivative of the symmetry energy of nuclear matter: the L
Technical Design Report for the: PANDA Micro Vertex Detector
This document illustrates the technical layout and the expected performance of the Micro Vertex Detector (MVD) of the PANDA experiment. The MVD will detect charged particles as close as possible to
Quantum mechanics in q-deformed calculus
Starting on the basis of q-deformed calculus and q-symmetric oscillator algebra, we introduce a generalized Schrodinger equation which admits factorized time-space solutions and the free plane wave
Nonextensive statistical effects in nuclear physics problems
Recent progresses in statistical mechanics indicate the Tsallis nonextensive thermostatistics as the natural generalization of the standard classical and quantum statistics, when memory effects and
Non-extensive resonant reaction rates in astrophysical plasmas
Abstract.We study two different physical scenarios of thermonuclear reactions in stellar plasmas proceeding through a narrow resonance at low energy or through the low-energy wing of a wide resonance
Nonextensive statistical effects in protoneutron stars
Abstract.We investigate the bulk properties of protoneutron stars in the framework of a relativistic mean-field theory based on nonextensive statistical mechanics, characterized by power-law quantum
Can very compact and very massive neutron stars both exist
The existence of neutron stars with masses of ∼2M⊙ requires a stiff equation of state at high densities. On the other hand, the necessary appearance also at high densities of new degrees of freedom,