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Relationships between the chemical constitution and biological response of D(-)-, L- and DL-lactoylcholines, and related compounds.
Published literature on the relationships between chemical constitution and biological responses of cholinomimetic and atropine-like agents suggests that an acetylcholine-like neurohumor with anExpand
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Effects of ethanol and of other factors on ADP-induced aggregation of human blood platelets in vitro.
Abstract In studying the inhibition of ADP-induced human platelet aggregation, it became necessary to ascertain exacting conditions for interpreting biodynamic responses generated by even minorExpand
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Relationships between the chemical constitution of carbamoylpiperidines and related compounds, and their inhibition of ADP-induced human blood platelet aggregation.
Abstract The effect of a series of carbamoylpiperidines and related compounds on ADP-induced human blood platelet aggregation was studied. The systematic and gradual changes in the chemical structureExpand
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Inhibition of thrombus formation in vivo by novel antiplatelet agent.
The antithrombotic and antihemostatic effects of the novel antiplatelet compound, alpha, alpha'-bis[3-(N,N-diethylcarbamoyl)piperidino]-p-xylene dihydrobromide (GT-12), were investigated in a baboonExpand
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Relationships between chemical structure and inhibition of epinephrine-induced human blood platelet aggregation.
The effect of structural features in a series of carbamoylpiperidine and nipecotoylpiperazine congeners on epinephrine-induced aggregation of human blood platelets is examined. Epinephrine-inducedExpand
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Blood platelet function, medicinal agents, and other chemical entities.
  • A. Lasslo
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Federation proceedings
  • 1 April 1984
An overview is presented on blood platelet function, including the interaction of platelets with the vessel wall and with medicinal agents and related chemical entities. Current interpretations areExpand
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Effects of a novel antiplatelet agent in mural thrombogenesis on collagen-coated glass.
A parallel plate flow chamber and an epifluorescence video microscopy system were used to investigate the inhibitory effect of a novel antiplatelet agent (GT-12), a carbamoylpiperidine congener, onExpand
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Relationships between chemical structure and inhibition of ADP-stimulated human thrombocyte release of serotonin and platelet factor 4.
The inhibitory potencies of carbamoylpiperidinoalkane and N-alkylnipecotoylpiperazine derivatives on ADP-stimulated human blood platelet aggregation, serotonin (5-HT) release and platelet factor 4Expand
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