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Clinical and demographic risk factors associated with chronic suppurative otitis media.
BACKGROUND The incidence of chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is high worldwide but increasing occurrence of complications appear peculiar to West Africa. However, knowledge of associated riskExpand
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Tinnitus in the elderly: Profile, correlates, and impact in the Nigerian Study of Ageing
OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence and correlates of tinnitus among community elderly and its impact on their quality of life. STUDY DESIGN: Longitudinal cohort. SETTING: Yoruba-speakingExpand
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Socio-economic status and hearing loss in chronic suppurative otitis media in Nigeria
Abstract Background: Hearing loss is reported in about 50% of cases of chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM). Aim: To report the prevalence, type and severity of hearing loss in CSOM and identifyExpand
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Sinonasal malignancies: a 10-year review in a tertiary health institution.
Sinonasal malignancy is a cause of otorhinolaryngologic morbidity and mortality in West Africa. However, there is a dearth of information in the literature on its clinicopathologic presentation inExpand
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Disability and quality of life among community elderly with dizziness: report from the Ibadan study of ageing.
BACKGROUND Dizziness is prevalent among the elderly. However, little is known about its impact on quality of life and disability, especially in developing countries, where the number of elderlyExpand
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Age-related hearing loss, vitamin B12, and folate in the elderly
OBJECTIVE: Determine the correlation between the hearing threshold and the serum levels of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) and folic acid among elderly subjects (> 60 years) with age-related hearing lossExpand
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Beliefs and perceptions of ear, nose and throat-related conditions among residents of a traditional community in Ibadan, Nigeria.
ENT-related conditions constitute a major burden of disease in Nigeria. The bulk of the available studies on these conditions are derived from hospital-based studies that underestimate the extent ofExpand
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Role of elevated immunoglobulin E levels in suppurative otitis media
Abstract Background and Objectives: An association between suppurative otitis media (SOM) and allergy has been reported in about 80% of patients with allergy. However, there is controversy regardingExpand
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Common genes for non-syndromic deafness are uncommon in sub-Saharan Africa: a report from Nigeria.
INTRODUCTION Little is known about the molecular epidemiology of deafness in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Even in Nigeria, the most populous African nation, no genetic studies of deafness have beenExpand
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Complications of sinusitis in Ibadan, Nigeria.
Nowadays the complications arising from sinusitis are rare since the introduction of antibiotics. However sinusitis and its complications are still life-threatening and if neglected may result inExpand
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