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Caregiving in schizophrenia: development, internal consistency and reliability of the Involvement Evaluation Questionnaire – European Version
The reliability of the IEQ in five languages varies across sites, but is sufficiently high in at least four out of five. Expand
Global pattern of experienced and anticipated discrimination reported by people with major depressive disorder: a cross-sectional survey
Discrimination related to depression acts as a barrier to social participation and successful vocational integration and suggests that new and sustained approaches are needed to prevent stigmatisation of people with depression and reduce the effects of stigma when it is already established. Expand
Influence of perceived organisational factors on job burnout: survey of community mental health staff
Improving the workplace atmosphere within psychiatric services should be one of the most important targets in staff burnout prevention strategies, and the potential benefits of such programmes may, in turn, have a favourable impact on patient outcomes. Expand
Listening to patients' needs to improve their subjective quality of life
Investigating the impact of meeting needs for care, as assessed by both patients and mental health professionals, to improve the subjective quality of life in a sample of patients receiving community-based psychiatric care found that meeting self-perceived social needs seems to be of particular importance for ensuring a betterquality of life for people with mental disorders. Expand
Development, internal consistency and reliability of the Verona Service Satisfaction Scale – European Version
VSSS–EU is a reliable instrument for measuring service satisfaction in people with schizophrenia, for use in comparative cross-national research projects and in routine clinical practice in mental health services across Europe. Expand
Reliability of the Camberwell Assessment of Need – European Version
Reliability findings for the Camberwell Assessment of Need – European Version confirm the feasibility of using CAN–EU across sites in Europe and its psychometric adequacy. Expand
People with schizophrenia in five countries: conceptual similarities and intercultural differences in family caregiving.
It was concluded that the IEQ covers the same caregiving domains in all five countries: interpersonal tension, worrying, urging, and supervision, and that researchers must still resolve the question of whether levels of caregiver consequences that cannot be explained by the data presented here are caused by cultural factors or by differences in mental health care provision. Expand
Predictors of anxiety and depression in hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients during protective isolation
To examine in a sample of hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients assessed throughout protective isolation (i) levels of anxiety and depression and (ii) pre‐isolation factors (socio‐demographics,Expand
Predictors of changes in needs for care in patients receiving community psychiatric treatment: a 4‐year follow‐up study
Objective:  This study aimed to investigate changes and predictors of change in needs for care, as assessed by both patients and mental health professionals, in a sample of subjects receivingExpand