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Acetaminophen‐induced acute liver failure: Results of a United States multicenter, prospective study
In conclusion, acetaminophen hepatotoxicity far exceeds other causes of acute liver failure in the United States, and education of patients, physicians, and pharmacies to limit high‐risk use settings is recommended. Expand
Six Rapid Tests for Direct Detection of Clostridium difficile and Its Toxins in Fecal Samples Compared with the Fibroblast Cytotoxicity Assay
Six commercially available immunoassays for C. difficile detection with CBA produce reasonable predictive values, especially when both antigen and toxin are detected, and offer significant advantages over CBA in terms of turnaround time and ease of use. Expand
Evaluation of tcdB Real-Time PCR in a Three-Step Diagnostic Algorithm for Detection of Toxigenic Clostridium difficile
DPCR is a sensitive and specific method for the detection of toxigenic C. difficile that can provide same-day results at a cost-per-positive test comparable to those of other methods. Expand
Detection of Bartonella (Rochalimaea) quintana by routine acridine orange staining of broth blood cultures
The PLUS 26 high-volume aerobic resin medium, combined with acridine orange stain and subculture, is an effective system for detection and isolation of B. quintana from blood. Expand
Quantitative Detection and Genotyping of Helicobacter pylori from Stool using Droplet Digital PCR Reveals Variation in Bacterial Loads that Correlates with cagA Virulence Gene Carriage
A new stool‐based method for detection, quantification, and partial genotyping of H. pylori using droplet digital PCR (ddPCR), which allows for increased sensitivity and absolute quantification by PCR partitioning. Expand
Selection for milk somatic cell count in laboratory mice