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The structural elucidation of a novel iridoid derivative from Tachiadenus longiflorus (Gentianaceae) using the LSD programme and quantum chemical computations.
Oleanolic acid, scoparone, scopoletin and a novel iridoid derivative, angelone, were isolated from Tachiadenus longiflorus (Gentianaceae). The structure of angelone was determined from NMR data,Expand
Bufadienolides from the southern African Drimia depressa (Hyacinthaceae: Urgineoideae).
Two bufadienolides, 3beta,16beta-dihydroxy-5beta-bufa-20,22-dienolide and 16beta-hydroxy-5beta-bufa-20,22-dienolide-3beta-O-beta-d-galactoside, have been isolated from bulbs of the poisonous SouthExpand
A novel alkylamide from the leaves of Acmella caulirhiza (Asteraceae), a traditional surface analgesic
Dried leaves of the widespread African ethnomedicinal herb Acmella caulirhiza (Asteraceae) have been phytochemically characterised. The hexane extract yielded two unsaturated alkylamides, spilantholExpand
The chemical investigation of four medicinal plants.
This thesis describes a phytochemical investigation of four medicinal plants, namely, Agave attenuata (Agavaceae), Balanites maughamii (Balanitaceae), Astrotrichilia parvifolia (Meliaceae) andExpand
Homoisoflavanones and spirocyclic nortriterpenoids from three Eucomis species: E comosa, E schijffii and E pallidiflora subsp pole-evansii (Hyacinthaceae)
Abstract Three species of the small but ethnomedicinally important genus Eucomis (Hyacinthaceae) have been investigated phytochemically. These have yielded a range of homoisoflavanones of theExpand
Investigations of the Malagasy species Tachiadenus longiflorus Grisebach (Gentianaceae): linking chemical finding and traditional usage.
A decoction of the aerial parts of Tachiadenus longiflorus, a Gentianaceae endemic to Madagascar, is drunk to relieve stomach pains and dyspepsia; while a leaf decoction is drunk as a purgative or toExpand