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Human impact on the environment in the Ethiopian and Eritrean highlands—a state of the art
Abstract This review analyses the environmental evolution of the Ethiopian highlands in the late Quaternary. The late Pleistocene (20,000–12,000 14C years BP) was cold and dry, with (1) low lakeExpand
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Rapid and cyclic aeolian deposition during the Last Glacial in European loess: a high-resolution record from Nussloch, Germany
Abstract This paper reports the results of an investigation of the Weichselian Upper Pleniglacial loess sequences of Nussloch (Rhine Valley, Germany) based on stratigraphy, palaeopedology,Expand
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The alpha effectiveness in silt-sized quartz: New data obtained by single and multiple aliquot protocols
The luminescence effectiveness of alpha particles in silt-sized quartz originating from different regions in Europe and North America is presented. Single aliquot regenerative dose (SAR) protocolsExpand
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High-resolution record of the last Interglacial–glacial cycle in the Nussloch loess–palaeosol sequences, Upper Rhine Area, Germany
The Nussloch loess sequences were sampled at close intervals (10 cm) and documented in respect of their stratigraphy, palaeopedology, sedimentology, palynology, malacology and geochemistry, and wereExpand
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Holocene river activity: analysing 14C-dated fluvial and colluvial sediments from Germany
Records of fluvial dynamics in response to long-term changes of climate and land use impacts are rare. Therefore cumulative probability functions (CPFs) of 401 14C ages originating from German riversExpand
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A comparison of D-Vac suction, fenced and unfenced pitfall trap sampling of epigeal arthropods in agro- ecosystems
The aim of this study was to compare relative abundance of epigeal arthropods caught with either unfenced pitfall traps, traps within fences or D-Vac suction sampling in arable habitats (two fieldsExpand
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Intraguild interference and biocontrol effects of generalist predators in a winter wheat field
  • A. Lang
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  • Oecologia
  • 2002
Abstract. Arable land typically harbours communities of polyphagous invertebrate natural enemies, among them numerous soil-surface dwelling predators such as ground beetles (Carabidae) and spidersExpand
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Silk Investment in Gifts By Males of the Nuptial Feeding Spider Pisaura Mirabilis (Araneae: Pisauridae)
Adult males of the hunting spider Pisaura mirabilis wrap up prey with silk and pass these nuptial gifts to females prior to copulation. The females digest the nuptial gifts, including the silk,Expand
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Bayesian modelling the retreat of the Irish Sea Ice Stream
We present an 8000-year history spanning 650km of ice margin retreat for the largest marine- terminating ice stream draining the former British-Irish Ice Sheet. Bayesian modelling of theExpand
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OSL dating of coarse-grain fluvial quartz using single-aliquot protocols on sediments from NE Peloponnese, Greece
Abstract Optical ages of quartz extracts in Holocene sediments from the north-eastern Peloponnese, Greece, are reported. The single-aliquot regenerative-dose protocol proposed by Murray and WintleExpand
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