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Endoscopic laser reshaping of rabbit tracheal cartilage: preliminary investigations
Background: Tracheal cartilage deformities due to trauma, prolonged endotracheal intubation or infection are difficult to correct. Current treatment options such as dilation, laser ablation, stentExpand
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Assessment of Nd:YAG laser-induced injury to rabbit nasal septal cartilage using confocal microscopy and Live/Dead assay in an ex vivo model
Identification of proliferating chondrocytes along the periphery of laser ablation sites in irradiated cartilage has led to interest in studying the use of laser heating alone to stimulateExpand
Ho:YAG laser in reshaping tracheal cartilage: a pilot investigation using ex vivo porcine and rabbit cartilage
Stenotic, collapsed, and flow-restricted tracheal airways may result from blunt trauma, chronic infection, and the prolonged endotracheal intubation. This pilot investigation characterizes the degreeExpand