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Biorefining of marine macroalgal biomass for production of biofuel and commodity chemicals
The large scale production of marine macroalgae, mainly for human consumption, has given rise to their consideration as a non-lignocellulosic feedstock for the production of renewable fuels. However,Expand
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Specific Fusion of β-1,4-Endoglucanase and β-1,4-Glucosidase Enhances Cellulolytic Activity and Helps in Channeling of Intermediates
ABSTRACT Identification and design of new cellulolytic enzymes with higher catalytic efficiency are a key factor in reducing the production cost of lignocellulosic bioalcohol. We report hereExpand
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Uranium removal from aqueous solution by coir pith: equilibrium and kinetic studies.
Basic aspects of uranium adsorption by coir pith have been investigated by batch equilibration. The influence of different experimental parameters such as final solution pH, adsorbent dosage,Expand
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Biosurfactants are microbially synthesized surfactants that are environmental friendly due to low toxicity. Sophorolipid is one of the simplest biosurfactants with well-defined structure produced byExpand
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Removal and recovery of cobalt from aqueous solutions by adsorption using low cost lignocellulosic biomass—coir pith
The applicability of low-cost lignocellulosic biosorbent-coir pith, for removal of cobalt (II) from aqueous solutions using batch adsorption studies has been explored herein. AdsorptionExpand
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Growth engineering of Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942 for mixotrophy under natural light conditions for improved feedstock production
Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942 has been widely explored as cyanobacterial cell factory through genetic modifications for production of various value‐added compounds. However, successful industrialExpand
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Comparison of batch, packed bed and expanded bed purification of A. niger cellulase using cellulose beads
Rigid macroporous cross-linked cellulose beads were prepared and used as a useful affinity medium for purification of A. niger cellulase from commercial preparation, in batch; packed bed and expandedExpand
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An integrated process for the extraction of fuel and chemicals from marine macroalgal biomass
We describe an integrated process that can be applied to biomass of the green seaweed, Ulva fasciata, to allow the sequential recovery of four economically important fractions; mineral rich liquidExpand
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Adsorptive purification of pDNA on superporous rigid cross-linked cellulose matrix.
  • N. Deshmukh, A. Lali
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical…
  • 15 April 2005
Use of plasmid DNA (pDNA) in the emerging gene therapy requires pure DNA in large quantities requiring production of safe DNA on large scale. While a number of kit-based DNA purification techniquesExpand
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Behaviour of solid particles in viscous non-newtonian solutions: Settling velocity, wall effects and bed expansion in solid-liquid fluidized beds
Abstract Settling velocities of particles in viscous non-Newtonian pseudoplastic solutions were measured. Spherical particles of glass and stainless steel were used. Aqueous solution of carboxymethylExpand
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