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A Theory of Institutional Change: Illustrated by Dutch City-Provinces and Dutch Land Policy
Since the early 1990s, planning theory has focused on the issue of institutional change. Not only does institutional change have clear bearings on processes of spatial planning, it is also,Expand
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Proximity, Knowledge and Innovation in Peripheral Regions. On the Intersection between Geographical and Organizational Proximity
Abstract What role do various kinds of proximity play in the current and projected development of peripheral areas? In summarizing and drawing conclusions from this special issue on proximity, thisExpand
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Regional institutions and knowledge - tracking new forms of regional development policy
This paper is concerned to explore the role of concepts in regional development. It attempts to apply some of the lessons of recent work in organisational theory and science and technology studies toExpand
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Learning from conceptual flow in regional studies: Framing present debates, unbracketing past debates
Lagendijk A. (2006) Learning from conceptual flow in regional studies: framing present debates, unbracketing past debates, Regional Studies 40, 385–399. The field of regional studies is characterizedExpand
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Contextualising Regional Identity and Imagination in the Construction of Polycentric Urban Regions: The Cases of the Ruhr Area and the Basque Country
In this contribution, we aim at positioning and sharpening the concept of 'polycentric urban region' (PUR) by comparing it with preceding approaches to interurban interdependency and by discussingExpand
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Beyond the regional lifeworld against the global systemworld: towards a relational –scalar perspective on spatial–economic development
Recent writings in economic geography have questioned the way the literature has featured the regional scale in discussing issues of innovation and economic competitiveness, and called for aExpand
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Economic Geographies: Circuits, Flows and Spaces
Bespreking van: R. Hudson,Economic Geographies: Circuits, Flows and Spaces London:Sage Publications Ltd ,2005 0761948945
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The Accident of the Region: A Strategic Relational Perspective on the Construction of the Region's Significance
Lagendijk A. (2007) The accident of the region: a strategic relational perspective on the construction of the region's significance, Regional Studies 41, 1193–1207. In both academic debate andExpand
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Towards an Integrated Automotive Industry in Europe
Economic integration and technological developments are offering new opportunities for the automotive industry in Europe. Understanding and grasping such opportunities is crucial for improvingExpand
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Regional Innovation Systems in the Lisbon strategy
Abstract This contribution explores the framing of the concept of Regional Innovation Systems (RISs) within European economic policies. Regional innovation systems are analytically and empiricallyExpand
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