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Overview of the biodiversity and distribution of the Class Homoscleromorpha in the Tropical Western Atlantic
In this study we revise the current knowledge on the biodiversity and distribution of the Class Homoscleromorpha in the Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA). Twenty-seven species are currently recognizedExpand
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Descriptions of new sponge species and genus, including aspiculate Plakinidae, overturn the Homoscleromorpha classification
Among the Porifera, the taxonomy and systematics of Homoscleromorpha is one of the most challenging. Over the last two decades, this class and its single order Homosclerophorida have seen a high rateExpand
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Integrative taxonomy widens our knowledge of the diversity, distribution and biology of the genus Plakina (Homosclerophorida: Plakinidae)
Despite the evolutionary significance of Homoscleromorpha, their diversity and biology are largely unknown. Here we integrate data of morphology, cytology, microbiology, ecology, reproduction, andExpand
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New sciaphilic plakinids (Porifera, Homoscleromorpha) from the Central-Western Pacific.
The sponge class Homoscleromorpha is a key model for the evolutionary biology of the Metazoa but its diversity remains poorly known. Here we describe six new species of the homoscleromorph familyExpand
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New cave-dwelling Plakina (Plakinidae, Homoscleromorpha, Porifera) from Martinique Island (French Antilles).
Knowledge of homoscleromorph sponge biodiversity has greatly improved during the last decade thanks to the increasing use of integrative taxonomy and extensive exploration of remote ecosystems.Expand
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Taxonomy of Plakina (Porifera: Homoscleromorpha) from Aegean submarine caves, with descriptions of three new species and new characters for the genus
Sponges of the Class Homoscleromorpha, despite their high evolutionary significance, are still poorly known due to their small size and cryptic habit. In this study, we describe five species of theExpand
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Diversity of Homoscleromorpha (Porifera) in two submarine caves in the Aegean Sea (eastern Mediterranean)
Sponges of the class Homoscleromorpha are hard substratum dwellers, often found in dark or semidark habitats. During a research on cave sponge diversity in the north Aegean Sea, we surveyed withExpand
Two new species of Halichondrida (Demospongiae) and the first record of Phycopsis and Ciocalapata for Brazil.
Two new species of the genera Phycopsis and Ciocalapata are described from the shallow waters off the Brazilian coast. This is the first record of Phycopsis in South Atlantic, with PhycopsisExpand
A new cave-dwelling species of Plakina (Porifera: Homoscleromorpha) from Crete, Greece (South Aegean Sea).
Recent studies showed a high diversity of the class Homoscleromorpha (Porifera) in the North Aegean Sea. In the South Aegean Sea, however, only one species of the homoscleromorph genus Plakina, P.Expand